Both parties involved in a project (the employer and the bidder) are asked to follow these guidelines to assure the successful completion of a project, without any problems. If you don't, you do so at your own risk, and will have a harder time convincing us to decide in your favor during any dispute with the other party.

Employer or Job Poster

Detailed Project Description

Your project description should be as detailed as possible. It's better to have too much information than too little. Some people choose to summarize the project in the description field, and attach a file with more detailed info (for interested bidders). Which is a good idea. We review all attachments to ensure they adhere to our Terms and conditions.

Additional Features

If you have additional features you would like in your project, which you did not mention in the project description, please tell the bidder BEFORE they begin work. This ensures everyone is aware of the scope before commitment

Request Demo

Before you pay for the work, you should ask the bidder to setup a demo (on their server) to make sure the scope was met. Once the bidder sends you the work it could be too late to cancel the project, and you will be expected to pay for their service.

Payment Method

Before the work begins, you should discuss with the bidder how you would send payment. Kuhustle suggests putting money in an escrow account.

Bidders or Contractors

Know The Project

You should know how you will do the project before you place your bid. If you need more details, post on the message board for that project, request more information from the employer. If you don't, at least make sure you are clear about the project before you begin working on it. Including a strong proposal on the private message could win you more proposals


You might consider updating the employer on your progress throughout your work, daily is very good, especially if it's a long project. This will assure that there is no confusion over how the work is suppose to be when you finish it.

Provide Demo

Before sending the work to the employer, you should setup a demo (on your server) so that they can confirm it is what they wanted done. You are almost guaranteed satisfaction if you do this, because the employer can see the completed work before they receive it and pay you.

Payment Method

Before the work begins, you should discuss with the employer how you want them to send your payment later on. Kuhustle suggests that you ask the employer to put money in an escrow account.