Dispute Resolution filing

In all circumstances, we encourage the client and freelancer to resolve disputes between themselves rather than use this service.

Note that this service is only available for parties that choose to use the Project Management option.

When should one file a dispute resolution
However, if there are any disputes during the course of the project, dispute resolution can be filed by either the freelancer or the client when;

1.The client changes milestones/deliverables and is no longer willing to pay for the changes

2.The client feels that the freelancer cannot meet the requirements. This should be brought up within the first 1-3 milestones.

3.The freelancer feels that the client is unwilling to pay for work that has already been delivered.

How to file a dispute resolution

1.The client should provide supporting evidence that the freelancer cannot deliver.

2.The freelancer should specify the amount they are willing to charge for the work already delivered, describing the resources that went into doing the project.

3.In case the client is willing to find a different freelancer to work on the job, the client should pay the current freelancer for the amount of work already delivered. The client will then work with Kuhustle to find a new freelancer from the list of existing bidders. In case the new freelancer requires a higher charger than the previously selected one, the client will need to top up.

4.Both parties have 10 working days to respond to the claim made by the complainant. If either party does not respond within this time, the case closes in favour of the user who has filed the complaint.

5.Any response delivered after the 10 working days have elapsed will not be considered.

6.If you are unsure of what to do with your dispute or have concerns before agreeing to these terms and conditions call us on +254-706-943-007