Getting started questions

How does this work?

For clients:

1. You must sign up using Gmail, Twitter or Facebook to use

2. Click your profile and fill it in. Your profile consists of mandatory sections i.e. skills, experience and bio. Your bio is an introduction to who you are.


“I love life, dance and monochrome. I am in love with android. I love to work with android because she is “uncomplicated”. Let’s get cracking”

3. Click on the “Post a job” button on the site and give the description with the specifications of what you want done and what you are looking for


We are looking for an energetic, humorous and creative lifestyle writer. The person should have excellent writing skills, can build on ideas, write content that is point, short, concise and catchy.

The work involves writing a creative, thought provoking, marketing piece for a newly launched product. The article will be targeting ages between 20 and 35, career driven, in Africa.

Please include your profile, blog or links to your articles with your proposal and bid, we will be looking for evidence of engagement on your previous articles among other metrics. The budget is for two articles spread out in the month of January.

4. You will receive quotes from people who can do the job.

5. From the quotes, shortlist the people you are willing to engage with one-on-one, to get the final freelancer.

It’s normally advisable that you ask for samples of work similar to what you are requesting for. Don't be afraid to decline a quote if it doesn't fit your requirements. Just provide feedback on why you declined.

6. Once you narrow down on the freelancer, click Hire.

7. Make sure you agree on the payments terms and the milestones/deliverables before the job commences.

8. Once all the deliverables have been met, mark the job as complete and proceed to rate and review the consultant and embark on a new project :)

For consultants:

1. You must sign up using Gmail, Twitter or Facebook to use

2. Click on your profile and fill the mandatory fields. Mainly:Skills, experience and Bio. Important to remember is that your Bio is an introduction to who you are.


“I am a kickass developer who uses python and ruby. A tech challenge gets the giddy me activated. I get it working as smoothly as a swiss clock. Work together?

3. Purchase some Kuhustle credits which you will need when submitting your quotes. Why the credits? We explain all of that in our blog.

4. Look for jobs that fit your skillset and submit a quote.

5. If you find it difficult to submit your quote, talk to us and we can guide you through the process.

6. When a new job is posted that has skills matching yours, we will send you an email alert.

7. Add “[email protected]” to your address book to ensure you don’t miss any emails.

Job Posting questions

How do I post a job

  • Post a job on the platform (You can sign in with Gmail, Facebook or Twitter profiles)
  • Add company/ Individual bio to your profile
  • Provide details on what the job entails

What type of jobs are posted?

The job categories range from design, developer oriented tasks, writing, marketing and we are continuously adding more categories

Selection questions

What should I consider when selecting/shortlisting a freelancer?

First review the proposal to confirm if the freelancer understands what you are looking for. Then review their profile which includes prior projects undertaken and ratings & reviews from other clients. If you like what you see, send the freelancer a Message with specific questions that need clarifying. At this point you should be sure who can deliver the job.

To get started on the job click on the “Hire” button.

How do I make sure that the person selected delivers on the job?

Start by writing a well descriptive job post. When selecting read through the portfolio and mainly select people who have successfully delivered on similar projects before (either via Kuhustle or independently). When you select the freelancer, agree on clear deliverables/milestones that will be used to track the project.

Payment Questions

How do I make payments?

When posting a job: Posting your first job is free and you get 5 quotes. Alternatively, for 1,500 (+16%VAT), you get the benefits of having your featured, receiving up to 15 quotes and additionally we will reach out to freelancers we have identified that match your requirements.

In Kenya we support M-Pesa and Card payments.

For other countries, we only support Card Payment (Visa and Mastercard).

Communication Questions

1. How can I communicate with a freelancer?

Click on the “Message ” on the quote and communicate directly with the freelancer

2. Why can’t I exchange contacts with the client/consultants?

You totally CAN. We do not restrict communication. Overtime we realized that restricting communication makes it difficult for people to work together.

3. When the job has started, can I can I communicate with the consultant directly?

Yes, you can communicate directly.

Bidding questions

1. How does one go submitting a quote?

  • Have you signed up and is your profile complete with a smart photo? Ensure you have necessary skills & experience
  • Do you have the skills to deliver on the job posted? Do you have the time as well?
  • Purchase some Kuhustle credits.
  • Draft a proposal, introduce yourself, tell the client how you intend to do the work, your process, how you will ensure the work is delivered on time and within budget, ensure your budget is reasonable, not too low.. not too high.

2. How do I submit a good/convincing quote?

First, in your own words describe what you think the client is looking for. Tell the client how you are going to deliver the job, then share with the client some projects that you have done before that can convince the client to select you.

3. How many Jobs can I quote for at one go?

You can quote for as many jobs as you qualify for. It is however not a guarantee that you will be selected to undertake the project as each job poster selects a freelancer based on their profile and ability to deliver. Its therefore important to keep updating your portfolio on the site with references to jobs done.

4. What is my level of interaction with Kuhustle after I quote for a job?

Once you submit a quote, you will receive feedback from the client as soon as they review your quote. They could ask for more details, decline your quote (with reason) or accept it. Kuhustle does not get involved unless the client cancels the job without reason.

5. Whats the deal with the Kuhustle Credits

Unlike most other platforms, Kuhustle operates as a micro-tendering site and therefore does not charge commissions on jobs. Instead, freelancers purchase credits and that's it! You can read more about this on our blog

Other questions

My email address is not being verified, I have not received the verification email

Three steps to email verification are

  • Ensure you have typed the correct email address,
  • Search in your email for “kuhustle”
  • Add [email protected] to your address book to ensure you never miss an email from us or your clients.
  • If you have done all of the above, be patient you will receive an email shortly.

Can I accept more than 2 quotes for my job?

At this time, that is not supported.

How do I get assured that the freelancer delivers quality work?

There is a rating system on the platform that assists to you choose the best freelancer for the job based on their ratings.

The profiles of each bidder also give an inclination to the ability of the freelancer