A POS - Distributed inventory management software for a retail business

  • Status: Accepting quotes
  • Job budget: KES 20,000 - 50,000
  • Category: Websites & Software

Job Description:

RSE Limited is small retail businesses that face challenges due to outdated POS systems and manual inventory management methods, leading to inaccurate stock levels, operational inefficiencies, and subpar customer experiences. These limitations result in lost revenue opportunities, increased costs from overstocking or stockouts, and hindered growth potential. There is a critical need for a modern web-based POS inventory management software solution that seamlessly integrates inventory control, sales tracking, and analytics functionalities.

This solution should automate inventory tracking, provide real-time insights, support multiple payment methods, ensure data security and compliance, and offer scalability for future business needs.
Businesses can optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth by addressing these pain points.

Technologies and Stack

Backend - Java spring-boot, JSON REST API

Frontend - HTML5, Bootstrap & React

Database - MySQL

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