Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager

  • Status: Accepting quotes
  • Job budget: KES 500,000 - 1,000,000
  • Category: Other

Job Description:

Overview of position
The United Nations {UN} Multi-sectoral seeks for a Monitoring and Evaluation Manager (M&E Manager) for our recent multi-millions regional projects. The M&E Manager will report directly to the Program Director and will work closely with the M&E Director and team. The M&E Manager will provide oversight to coordinate the monitoring of the program/project and ensure key activities are being implemented efficiently to measure the program’s outcomes (including qualitative and quantitative assessments) and ultimately achieve the intended results. S/he will lead the analysis of data collected for assessment of progress and for areas of improvement. S/he will guide reporting processes amongst technical staff and consolidate program reports and promote learning and knowledge sharing of best practices and lessons learnt. The M&E Manager will work in close partnership with UN project staff, partner organizations, and government (national and decentralized) for all M&E activities, strengthening capacity where needed. M&E is a cross sectoral career where you can work in health, education, law and governance, human rights, youth focused programing, agriculture, amongst other focus areas. In-job training is applicable for this role.

Duties and Accountabilities:
• Lead the project’s overall M&E efforts, including the design and oversight of a strong M&E plan and Performance Management Plan (PMP).
•In coordination with stakeholders, draft/prepare M&E plans and associated M&E templates.
• Support in the collection and monitoring of all M&E activities under the project, including reviewing data collection tools, supervising and/or conducting reports from fieldwork, conducting data analysis, and carrying out interpretation of findings.
• Identify and train staff on appropriate relevant indicators in line with UN, international, and national M&E standards.
• Oversee the projects/program’s robust learning component,

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